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Join the most exciting brand within gaming. Rather than spend money on commercials and advertisements, or pay a company to sponsor an event, we’d rather support gamers.

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Influencer marketing isn’t just for Kardashians anymore. Unlike the selfie-takers, you’ve worked hard to amass your followers. Why should no talent narcissists make all the money? You’re more talented, entertaining and have a greater influence. All you need is an opportunity.

We’re looking for professional gamers—both established and just starting out—to help promote our brand. Rather than spend money on commercials and advertisements, or pay a company to sponsor an event, we’d rather support gamers.

We understand the hard work and dedication you’ve put into your craft. Very few professional gamers create a mass following based on their gameplay alone. Professional gaming is just as much about entertainment than it is about gaming. Turn that hard work into profit as a Pulse Ambassador!

How it Works

As a Pulse Ambassador, you’re not under any obligations. We won’t dictate to you how to sell the product. That’s entirely up to you. There’s no need for tacky and awkward product mentions. This isn’t a sponsorship. You’re more of a business partner.

Don’t worry if you’re not trained in sales. We’ll help. We’ll give you creative and technical advice, as well as gear and merchandise for contests and promotions. You’ll be able to promote the product while still giving back to your followers.

We’ll even give you special, one-of-a-kind coupons for your followers, and you’ll still receive full earnings from those sales!

Play &

Build Your

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Pro Earnings for Pro Gamers

Through cookies, referral links and discount codes, we’re able to track the source of the sale and compensate the appropriate salesperson. As a Pulse Ambassador, you’ll receive 20% of all earnings from your sales. Your referrals aren’t a one-time deal either. You’ll make 20% of all earnings from that customer — for life.

We also like to reward our ambassadors for their hard work. The better you do, the more you earn. You'll start with a great 20% earning for sales you make, with the increased sales you will increase to 24% and then finally a whopping 29.5%!

No Risk, High Reward

Becoming a Pulse Ambassador is a no risk opportunity with unlimited earning potential. You’re free to do as little or as much sales and promotion as you want. You’ve worked hard to amass those followers. It’s time to monetize that influence.

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