The Dangers of Sugar Charging Yourself With Energy Drinks

We all love to game, and we all love to game hard. It’s easy to get lost in the loop, playing round after round of whatever you’re into. However, whether it’s perfecting the Art of War in Civilization and outsmarting opposing kingdoms across the whole night, or shielding that vital capture point as Reinhardt in Overwatch, you need your wits about you.

Opponents will strike, and they’ll strike with precision. In the fast world of gaming, we all know how much that concentration matters. So, when the body starts to drain a little, so does the mind. Before long those reactions slow down and logical, rational processing capacity drops. You start taking foolish risks, and you start losing.
This gets you frustrated, expending more energy and creating a perpetual problem.


To get yourself back in the game, you grab one of your sugar-powered energy drinks. That’ll get you back in the game – and to be fair, it does. Until the inevitable crash. Even if you avoid the real energy drinks, you can go for a soda – the sugarbuzz will match sure you hit your targets. The rush gets you through the round and into the next phase of the night.

Then comes the sugar crash. You start to feel like you’re taking every hit your characters are in-game. Your reactions are shot, your body feels quaky and you just want to get a rest and recover. We’ve all been there – it can happen in a long gaming session with friends, or it can happen when you’re playing in the big tournaments.


Giving yourself that sugar rush might seem a good short-term plan, but it will hurt you just as quickly. In the long-term, it’s not exactly good for the body either. If you need a shot of energy, there are much fairer ways to get that kind of juice to complete your session.
Don’t believe us?
Check out this haunting infographic, courtesy of The Renegade Pharmacist.

This shows you exactly what each of these short-term energy supplies is doing. You might get away with using a can of soda to heal you up in a game, but it’s not the same in reality.
Instead, it’s important to look for non-sugared editions of such energy treats. Giving your body a solution that’s free of sugar is so important to keeping yourself energized without the brutal crash. The body will always need sleep and recovery, but you can buy yourself an extra few rounds without the inevitable crash using a sugar-free energy drink.


Pulse itself is a sugar-free energy drink. It’s also equipped with useful extras such as Vitamins B6, B12 and C alongside a host of other useful ingredients our bodies can make use of. With the addition of citric acids all put into a fabulous pineapple flavour, this goes the extra mile in terms of taste and performance.
So, the next time you have an empire to crush or a point to defend, juice yourself up with a buff that lets you avoid that critical sugar crash on your system.