PULSE started with our dissatisfaction of other energy drinks: sugary garbage, which just led to a crash and burn effect. As gamers, we wanted an energy drink that benefited our specific needs while also being a healthy alternative.

Unlike those other energy drinks, PULSE doesn’t contain sugar, acidic additives or other harmful ingredients. We use only healthy, scientifically proven ingredients and combine them with the most effective source of natural energy.

We’re more than just an energy drink; we’re a lifestyle. Join our millions of followers in over 100 countries. Order your tub of PULSE today!


Leigh Clarke
CEO / Founder

Favorite games: LoL, TFT, Overwatch and Factorio.


Sarah Lace
Marketing Director

Favorite games: Borderlands, Overwatch and The Sims!.


Taylor Gray
Operations Manager

Favorite games: LoL, Overwatch and L4D2.


Justin Wood
Talent Relations

Favorite games: Coutner Strike:GO, Overwatch and PUBG.